A report from Play England shows that children playing out on their street regularly brings big benefits for their health and wellbeing – but are increasingly being prevented from doing so by disapproving neighbours.

This report provides an overview of results from the PlayDay 2022 survey, conducted by Play England in partnership with Save the Children. The survey questions aligned with a previous survey conducted by Play England in 2013.

The report shows how children regularly playing out in their street has declined dramatically over the past 70+ years. Importantly it also demonstrates that regularly playing out is associated with better wellbeing during childhood, as well as better mental health into adulthood. The survey results show that children want to spend more time in the area where they live, and that the proportion of children saying this has increased significantly since the 2013 survey was conducted.

Overall, the report presents a dire picture of declining outdoor play close to home and a society where parents are made to worry about their children making noise outside in case it upsets the neighbours. Children want to spend more time in their local area but are frequently being given the message that they, and their play, are not welcome.

Read the full report here


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