Play streets in Barnet


Regular play streets

Barnet is running a pilot play street programme in 2023, having had a few stop-starts previously perhaps with a change in administration at the council, perhaps this time they will stick!  Check this story here

Try before you buy – run a trial play street

Want to run a trial play street? Perhaps on Car Free Day or another day? You can! Find out if a play street is for you and your neighbours before committing to regular sessions by having a one-off event. More details below. 

Apply at least six weeks before your event . Or for Car Free Day apply by 18 August; check council website.

Hooray, it’s free to hold a one-off street party or trial play street in Barnet.

At least three neighbours need to be named on the application as responsible for the street party.

Road closed signs and cones if necessary.

For trial play streets you can apply using a street party application.

Council webpage 

Email council

By the way…

Councils are liable to change dates, process and contact details. We try hard to keep this page updated but if you notice that something is not right, please let us know!

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