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UPDATED: Risk benefit guidance for post-lockdown play streets


Our Play Street Carousel project helped strengthen neighbourly bonds through the power of play, even while lockdowns and restrictions on public life physically kept people apart.

A suitcase full of art materials and audio-visual equipment was passed between households on a street, on the ‘Play Street Carousel’. Each household used the materials to document a street game of their choosing. A cornucopia of games was collected from across generations, cultures and household types.

We made a film to capture the joy of this project!

And we put the best contributions made on paper into this wonderful booklet of street games – click the cover to download inspiration!

DOWNLOAD: Games collected during lockdown 2021
Give children the space - and freedom - to play, and they will do just that. No need for lots of equipment or organised activities. But if you want a few tricks up your sleeve, here are some ideas.
Check out our Play Street Pointers for tips and ideas for making your play street awesome!

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Updated 15 June 2021

Play streets: a risk benefit approach in the time of Covid-19

The aim of this document is to build the confidence of residents, with suggestions in how to balance the (low) risk of transmission with the considerable benefits that play streets bring to children in particular, but also to adults and the wider community.

It is clear that for the vast majority of children, the benefits of allowing them to play together outside outweigh the risks.

This risk-benefit guidance and template is based on those used in professional play settings. In such settings the Health and Safety Executive recognises risk-benefit appraisals as satisfying the legal requirement for risk assessments. This approach does not seek to completely eliminate risk, but balances the risks of engaging in activities against the benefits derived from them.

This guidance is based on advice from the government regarding necessary precautions to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Originally published on 30 June 2020, it has been updated several times to reflect latest government guidance.  London Play will endeavor to update it again as government advice changes.

TEMPLATE/GUIDANCE: post lockdown play streets
London Play Press Releases
24 MAY 2020: London Play is one of  many organisations behind a campaign to ensure that every child has the space, time, and freedom to play this summer as Covid-19 restrictions are eased
London Play in the news
16 MAY 2020: London Play will be bringing joy back to the city streets this summer as part of the Mayor's 'Let's Do London' campaign, to encourage Londoners and visitors back into the capital.

How does it work in your borough?

London is as diverse as it is wonderful and so it follows that the process for starting a play street varies a bit between boroughs. Click through to our interactive map and find out how it works where you live.