Play streets in Harrow


Regular play streets

Harrow does not have a play street policy at present (2020) but we have heard that  the council is looking into this. In the meantime, it is possible to apply to run one-off street events such as street parties.

If you are interested in regular play streets email London Play for an update.

Want to try a one-off play street?

Want to run a trial play street? Perhaps on Car Free Day or another day? You can! Find out if a play street is for you and your neighbours before committing to regular sessions by having a one-off event. Apply using a street party application, more details below. 

Apply at least six weeks before your event.

£140: unfortunately Harrow is one of the few councils in London making a charge for street parties. Want this to change? So do we! Get in touch. 

Show that a ‘significant number’ of people are in favour of having a street party or event

Nothing is provided.  Residents must organise required road signs and traffic barriers. £5m in public liability insurance is required (average cost £50).

By the way…

Councils are liable to change dates, process and contact details. We try hard to keep this page updated but if you notice that something is not right, please let us know!

Our short course programme on specific topics, team and organisational training sessions are available at affordable prices. Hackney Play Association is willing and able to offer qualifications at all levels subject to demand.