Residents are being encouraged to set up traffic-free ‘play streets’ outside their homes.

The £100,000 a year project will allow people to close streets from traffic for up to four hours during daylight, allowing children to play in the public space close to their homes.

Play streets have already taken place under rules designed for street parties, but at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, councillors agreed to create a separate application process, allowing for up to 24 play street days a year, instead of two.

They’ll be resident-led, with volunteer traffic marshalls and supervisors. The council will provide basic training for volunteers, high-vis clothing, and traffic cones and road closed signs.

Councillor Rachel Tripp said: “Children playing outside their homes used to be at the heart of street life in the east end, before cars and traffic came to dominate the environment.

“Our play streets scheme aims to redress the balance, get children active and enjoying a life beyond computer screens.

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