Car Free Day 2021

World Car Free Day will be marked this year in London on Sunday 19 September. It is the perfect opportunity to shake off the lockdown blues, swap your car for a spacehopper and try out a play street on your road.

London Play can help residents or schools anywhere in the capital trial a play street on Car Free Day.

Swap your car for a spacehopper!

We can provide resources to inform, consult and help promote the event but sadly this year are not in a position to provide spacehoppers! We hope the prospect of a day reclaiming your street with your neighbours will be enough incentive to get you out there.

The process varies from borough to borough but will involve consulting your neighbours and applying to the council well in advance of the day (at least six weeks ahead in most cases). Get in touch with us and we can get you started!

London Play Press Releases
More than four square kilometres of temporary play space was created in an instant last month as Londoners came out to play on their car free streets.
London Play Press Releases
24 MAY 2020: London Play is one of  many organisations behind a campaign to ensure that every child has the space, time, and freedom to play this summer as Covid-19 restrictions are eased

Want to try out a play street on Car Free Day?

Visit our members zone for all the tips, tools and templates you need.